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About Us

What is MNPR Magazine?

MNPR magazine is an online music magazine established in 2017 by concert and tour photographer Richard Bolwell to indulge his passion for music, both live and recorded.

MNPR Magazine provides music news, tour news, concert and album reviews, interviews, photos, featured artists and lots more interesting things from the music world; not just here in the UK, but on a worldwide scale.

What Makes Us Unique?

Working directly with artists and bands and their associated management and PR firms, MNPR provides up to date, relevant and correct information.

MNPR provides a platform to share all the latest news from the music world. If you are a musician/band or a PR firm with news to share, please send this information our way and this will happily be included on the website.

Free Promotion For Musicians & Their Music

At MNPR Magazine, we are big on new music and are big supporters of fresh and exciting new bands and artists. We enjoy nothing more than finding new music and believe us, there is a huge landscape of incredible undiscovered and untapped talent out there. It is our aim to get these musicians the exposure they need and so utterly deserve to help them on their way in the tough, fickle and often brutal world that is the music industry. If you an emerging artist with music to share,​ send it our way and we will include it in the magazine and you may even make it into our featured artists and artists to look out for column.

It’s not just new musicians we enjoy here at MNPR headquarters…oh no! We enjoy music from all eras, genres and walks of life. We love to hear the post drop through the letterbox in the morning as there is always something new and exciting for us to hear and review, from new budding artists to seasoned veterans of the industry. We love to hear new music so send us your new releases for an unbiased, impartial review to be included in the magazine and shared worldwide.


Get in touch with us and we'll be happy to start sharing you and your music.

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