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LadyWantsAudio - Frontiers EP Cover

Album Review: LadyWantsAudio – Frontiers

LadyWantsAudio is a mix of warped nu-jazz and dusty trip-hop drawn from a love of classic analog synth sounds and sci-fi soundtracks. In his mix of warped nu-jazz and dusty trip-hop LadyWantsAudio has drawn on a love of classic analog synth sounds and sci-fi soundtracks to create a chilled out dreamscape of ambient bliss.

Frontiers is a 4 track EP from Aberdeen, Scotland based Nu-Jazz infused Trip Hop artist Phil Cairns, released in March 2018 under the moniker LadyWantsAudio.

Frontiers, at a little under 20 minutes is a classic chillout album with a haunting theme running throughout the four beautifully constructed songs. Simplicity and minimalism is the order of the day with this EP with entrancing keys and string like sounds resonating through the entire ensemble.


‘Frontiers’ EP Track Listing

1.  Corinno                                                                   4:25
2.  All The things You Love                                      4:07
3.  Sihaya                                                                      4:40
4.  Persephone (featuring Dave SIDCA)                6:39


It’s hard to really pick any standout tracks from such a small body of work and all four tracks deliver the goods without too much fuss on Frontiers. One track however does grab my attention, Sihaya, with its big band, jazzy swing drum beat and deep low bass into. I can imagine there is more of this hidden away just ready to be unleashed on a broader body of work.

Vocals feature on two tracks of the EP. Classic female Ibiza chillout style vocals feature on the opening track ‘Corrino’, with the almost depressing drone of Dave Sidca ending proceedings on ‘Persephone’, lamenting about the cold winter days synonymous with the artists homeland.

Frontiers is a well constructed and well thought-out collection of chillout and relaxing songs. This four track EP is just perfect listening for a hot soapy bath after a long hard days work. While away the evening with a nice glass of wine or Malt Whisky and forget all your trouble with LadyWantsAudio and Frontiers.

MNPR Magazine gladly awards ‘Frontiers’ a well deserved 4 stars and eagerly awaits more music from this unusual and almost psychedelic Scottish artist.


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