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Sound of the Sirens

Album Review : Sound of the Sirens – This Time – Released 25th January 2019

2019 is off to a great start for Devon based singer-songwriting duo Sound of the Sirens. Before the close of month one, one of the UKs finest duos will have released their sophomore album ‘This Time’ and will have embarked on a 20-date nationwide tour.

I have been extremely fortunate to get my hands on a pre-release copy of this highly anticipated album and cannot wait to share my thoughts and feelings about this latest body of work with you.

Since the album landed on my doorstep it has scarcely left my CD player. Weighing in at 48 minutes and 20 seconds long and comprising of a staggeringly generous 15 songs, this album promises to be a real delight.

This TimeTrack ListingAddition Information
SOS - This Time Album Cover1. Awakening
2. Believe
3. Another Day
4. Troubles
5. The Yellow Road
6. All The Webs
7. All We Need
8. Through The Night
9. Have It All
10. Keeping Us Alive
11. The Order
12. Lie Awake
13. Count Our Luck
14. Four O'Clock
15. Every Time
Release Date: 25th January 2019
DMF Records
Sound of the Sirens Online Store

First impressions of the album are of the high level of professionalism that has gone into the production and promotion of the LP. Sound of the Sirens are all about fun, but you can tell that Mmes Wood and Martin have truly had their serious heads on throughout the creation of this album. That being said, there is no denying the sense of joy and fun you get when listening to this record. ‘This Time’ is 15 songs of sheer joy and I can just see the duo now having an absolutely blast in the studio whilst recording with their ever-endearing child-like charms and antics.

New Producer

‘This Time’ has a different producer to the debut ‘For All Our Sins’ and focuses more on the girls and their music, as is the way it should be. It has been beautifully recorded and produced and showcases every element of their sound as it should be heard. Hannah’s piano is more prominent on this record, beautifully underpinning the songs with Abbe’s guitar and mandolin floating gracefully over the top, complimented by the seductive harmonies the pair have crafted so beautifully over the years.

Sound of the Sirens
Left – Abbe Martin, Right – Hannah Wood


Sound of the Sirens have shared two tracks from  the album as teasers and you can listen to ‘Troubles’ and ‘The Yellow Road’ on their YouTube Channel here

Laden With Earworms

Catchy is one word that can be used to describe the music of the Sirens and this album does not disappoint in the earworm department. From the tone setting opener ‘Awakening’ (the first single from the album) to the closing ‘Every Time’ you will not be short of catchy hooks, melodies, beats and rhythms.


noun – a catchy song or tune that runs continually through a person’s mind

Musical Intelligence

What really impress me is the girl’s musical intelligence, the lyrics are so poignant and well-constructed. Whilst they may have a specific underlying message and sentiment, drawn on from their own life experiences, the lyrics can be interpreted in many ways and will have their own personal meaning and place in the listeners hearts.

The main point made when lamenting about Sound of the Sirens is their vocal prowess and how their contrasting styles dovetail beautifully to create stunning harmonies that you would be forgiven for mistakenly thinking was just one voice.

The vocal dexterity of Wood & Martin is just one element of their music and sound. You must sit and appreciate their instrumentation and respective talent that lies therein. Both girls are equally adept on their instruments, Wood with her guitar, piano, and kick tambourine and Martin with her guitar, mandolin and kick drum. This is true multitasking; hands, feet and vocals all doing their own thing whilst working together to produce such beautiful ear candy.


Tempo Changes & Catchy Hooks

Clever use of tempo changes and repetitive patterns are implemented on the album challenging the listener into guessing what’s to come next. The songs build from the start and lead you into big, bold catchy choruses before another change of tempo leads you down another musical path.

The 15 songs on ‘This Time’ are exactly what you would expect from Sound of the Sirens but with an added steroid injection. If you have been fortunate to catch the girls live during the past year or so you will have heard most of these songs in one shape or form. They have been tried and tested and shaped into one stunning body of work. You may think that 15 songs is over generous, but the songs are so enjoyable that before you know it the album is complete and you’re left wondering where the time went. I guess enough is really never enough!

‘This Time’ is a truly stunning body of work. Hannah Wood and Abbe Martin have truly outdone themselves in every department with this latest release and I have no choice but to award this album a richly deserved 4 stars.

4 stars I hear you say? Why only 4 stars for such a beautifully crafted work of art? Go and see the girls and hear the songs live, there’s your fifth star!

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