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Concert Review: Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge Make Rock Great Again @ Margaret Court Arena Melbourne

Double headlining act Sheryl Crow and Melissa Etheridge performed at Margaret Court Arena last night, the second to last show of the whirlwind Australian Tour.

Sheryl Crow has had an illustrious and diverse musical career to date. From being a back up singer to the late great Michael Jackson to her solo career which is where many know of her from. Last night she wowed the audience with her crisp and sweet vocals and solid band. I have always seen Sheryl as a support act and not a stadium filler, but last night I realised just how many hits she has had and she played them all. She held her own last night and rightly deserved. Starting with ‘Winding Road’ , ‘All I wanna do’ and finally finishing her set with “I shall believe” She had the crowd dancing in their seats by the end of the first song.

Kudos to Sheryl who unintentionally would be known as the support act but earned the place as a headliner.
Then it was Melissa Etheridge’s turn. The lights were a deep red over the stage and a figure saddled up to the drum kit. Many comments of “is that Melissa?’ passed through the crowd as the figure starting playing a soulful beat. Joined then by band’s actual drummer, the crowd cheered the multi Grammy award winning singer as she made her way through to the front of the stage whilst her band continued to play.

Strapping on a gleaming silver guitar , she waltzes (fully clad in leather) to the microphone to unleash her gritty blues vocals whilst the light catches the guitar and sends shards over the audience. Melissa may have aged over the years but her voice was in mint condition. The audience are already in the aisles and on their feet dancing to the blues that is being performed in front of them. 

Etheridge is engaging and appreciative of her audience even thanking them for taking her into their memories. Her witty banter continues with stories about the last time that she graced the Melbourne audience, saying that she really likes what we have done to the place. In between doses of banter and story telling, Etheridge shows the crowd on why she has received a couple of Grammys. Not only are Etheridge’s vocal right on point, her lead guitar work is mind blowing. At one point she dances sensually with her six string,  and the crowd wolf whistles and some even yell out “I love you Melissa” and you can see that she is loving every minute of it.  And quite deservedly so! Such a powerhouse in the rock industry and up with one of the best female rock artists around today.

Etheridge and Crow were a great team last night! They left smiles on the faces of those that came to see them and they did make rock great again!

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