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Concert Review: Rainbow Kitten Surprise Kick off Their Winter Tour – Birmingham, AL

Rainbow Kitten Surprise started off their winter tour in Birmingham, AL with a SOLD-OUT SHOW! With Sun Seeker as their opener, the atmosphere for an energetic and dance-filled show was set in stone. Rainbow Kitten Surprise has long been a champion for representation of LGBTQ+ individuals through their music. Hailing from the southern state of North Carolina, their catchy-folk pop music bred in the mountains of Boone has reached fans all over the globe. RKS started off their set with “Matchbox,” met with screaming and a room echoing many of the lyrics. They played “Cocaine Jesus” about half way through their set, and it was clearly a fan favorite. Fans in the room were shouting the lyrics at the top of their lungs and dancing like crazy (even though the room at Iron City was so packed they could barely move). “All That and More (Sailboat)” was dedicated to lead singer Sam Melo’s partner.

Rainbow Kitten Surprise has a new album out through Sony Music, How to: friend, love, freefall. To test fans a little bit, they played two singles from the album during their set. “Holy War” was a hit played towards the end of their main set. “Fever Pitch” was played at the beginning of their encore, which fans still miraculously had energy for. Sam Melo stayed true to form and became shirtless during the final act of the show, which went perfectly with the glitter in Darrick “Bozzy” Keller’s beard. Do yourself a favor and brighten up your day with RKS’s new album, or just catch their live experience on the remainder of their tour.

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