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The Dangerous Tour lands in Destin, FL

August Burns Red set out on The Dangerous Tour with Crystal Lake, Fit for a King, and Miss May I. In other words: August Burns Reds created the recipe for the metal show of a lifetime. Destin, Florida isn’t a huge city and doesn’t see as many shows as others in the area, but that didn’t stop this crowd of fans from going ecstatic over every act that hit the stage that night. Crystal Lake kicked off the night with a drum solo, followed by a heavy, energy-filled performance. Next up, Miss May I kept that momentum going with Levi Benton doing his signature headbanging as his curly locks went everywhere. Miss May I is a band that has established themselves in the metal community with catchy lyrics and fun performances. Fans in the crowd didn’t hesitate to sing along to their songs and crowd surf to the stage (even though there were multiple signs throughout the venue threatening to throw out people who did so).

IMG_2159Levi Benton usually leaves it all on the stage, but this night he left a little bit in reserve so that he could join Fit For a King on stage for a guest verse and to harmonize with their lead singer/screamer, Ryan Kirby. Not to be outdone by the other Ryan in Fit for a King, Ryan “Tuck” O’Leary made his own mark on the night with some high-flying vertical jumps and serious bass guitar swings. Did I forget to mention that this guy has a beautiful voice as well? Where does he find the stamina? Somebody send that guy’s workout and diet regimen my way.  

All jokes aside, Fit for a King left nothing to the imagination, so I’m not even sure how fans were still standing once August Burns Red hit the stage. JB Brubaker (lead guitarist) came out in flip flops, which are perfect for the beach, but maybe not so much for shredding at a metal concert. However, he’s been known to make it work. Matt Greiner took his position at the back of the stage on the drum platform, perfectly situated below the glowing and fiery “U” suspended from the ceiling. Once Brent (guitarist) and Dustin (bassist) were in place, there was nothing left but for the lead screamer Jake Luhrs to come out swinging, literally. Jake came out with the microphone swinging all over the place between lyrics. He even helped out Matt on the drums in his spare time by hitting the cymbals here and there. This was only the fifth date of their tour and these bands looked as comfortable as ever while they entertained the crowd. Catch them in a city near year to start off 2019 the right way.

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