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Wild Youth Interview & Concert Review

Having heard amazing things about ‘Wild Youth’ I was very excited to witness their headline live show and they surely did not disappoint. I must say it was up there with the top gigs of 2018. With 2 opening acts that got the crowd raring to go, and the outstanding performance from the lads, the night will stick in my mind for the foreseeable future. 

Ryan Mack, a former member of the band ‘Hometown’ opened up the night’s festivities with some stunning vocals. Just two weeks before, he released his new single ‘I don’t wanna’  the majority of the audience knew it by heart and sang out loud!  

Next up was Eve Belle who came on stage, guitar in hand, who played two beautiful songs before I was whisked away back stage for my interview with the wonderful Conor and David from Wild Youth. 


You’ve just finished up a month of touring with Kodaline – What did you miss most from home while on tour?  

David: ‘Eating regularly definitely, breakfast lunch and dinner, it was more like eat when you can’  

Conor: ‘Missing family and friend’s birthdays’  

What was your highlight of that tour?  

Both: ‘The Coliseum Lisbon’ That venue had stunning architecture and we loved Lisbon itself! 

What has been the most memorable gig you’ve played? 

David: Paris  

Conor: Poland  

David: But we are pinching ourselves for tonight because we both remember going to underage discos together here in the academy.  

If you could go on tour with any band who would it be? 

‘The 1975, Imagine Dragons or Artic Monkeys but that would just be a dream’  

Who would you like to have supporting you on tour? 

Conor: ‘Rolling stones ha!’  

David: ‘Bon Iver!’ 

Conor: ‘Actually, J.C Steward, we were with him on tour with Kodaline and he became like a 5th member of our band, we became great friends he’s ‘’so fucking talented’’’  

If you had a fairy godmother and a time machine and could be in any band throughout history, what one and why?   

David: ‘Fleetwood Mac’ Me: What’s your favourite song by them? David: ‘Gypsy’ Me: Mine is Rhiannon because you know, the name similarities Both: Ha-ha yeah!!  

Conor: Rolling Stones or The Beatles David: Oh yeah, The Beatles! 

Other than other musicians – what else influences your music? 

Both: ‘Culture, Fashion and Photography’ Me: You’re into photography? Conor: ‘Yeah, we will spend hours going over how we want our photos and artwork to look like!’  

Conor: ‘We stay away from politics and religion.’ David: ‘Real life is an influence’ 

If you weren’t in a band, what would you be doing right now? 

Conor: Music something in the industry, either managing bands, writing or something. We just love music and we’d have to do something in music.  

If you could talk to your 18-year-old self, what advice would you give? 

David: DON’T shave your head!! 

Conor: ha, don’t get tattoos ha-ha, but don’t worry and stay in your own lane, everyone has their own path in life.  

David: Surround yourself with people who bring out the best in each other, like us two we’re best mates since childhood.  

Conor: ‘We’re like Kenan and Kel’  

What was the last gig you attended as a fan?  

David: We’ve been to so many but Haim for the both of us. Conor ‘well you went to Bruno Mars’ David ‘Yeah that was great’ But Haim we both went to as fans!  

Are you upset about missing the Toy Show tonight?  

David: That’s tonight? Oh! We aren’t really TV people. We watch Netflix! Me: Okay, what’s your favourite Netflix series at the moment? 

David: ‘Well I’ve just finished that Haunting of Hill House… ‘ 

Conor: ‘Narcos, the Mexican one and Dark’  

We then gave each other some Netflix recommendations which finished up the interview, we said goodbye and parted ways. 

Less than ten minutes later, the venue went dark and the place erupted in screams of joy from fans! The intro of ‘Close’ began with flashes of white light.  When the first beat of ‘Can’t Move On’ began, it had the entire audience singing each word with intense emotion. 

I’ve been to over 200 gigs and over 40 this year alone, and Wild Youth’s is among the top 5 of all time for me, why? Because of the electric atmosphere in the venue, the fans singing at the top of their voices and the fact, you could see just how happy the band were on stage. Shortly after the gig, the band announced a massive headline gig at Dublin’s Olympia Theatre, on March 23rd 2019. It is one not to be missed. 

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Rhianna is a music industry photographer based in Dublin, Ireland.

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